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Breve Consulting works with northwest wineries to provide analysis, beverage industry insight, marketing & communications strategies, sales and distribution direction.

Partnering with wineries to provide actionable analysis, industry insight, and results-focused strategies.

Wineries are uniquely challenged in today's marketplace. The needs for awareness, recognition and growth are often directly tied to funds for sales & marketing, which are precious. A national sales manager would be a welcome addition for most, but the salary requirements make such a move a non-starter. Increased national distribution is a logical next step for growth, but where would one begin such a process? Perhaps the winery is being overlooked altogether and there’s a branding and/or marketing problem.

Breve Consulting believes all of a winery’s needs are eminently solvable and they understand that every expenditure needs to be carefully weighed. With that in mind, Breve Consulting offers consultant services 'a la carte' in order to meet the most pressing goal with efficiency. There is no interest in constraining a winery’s time or finances with bundled services or bloated contracts. 




Seattle, WA



Brand & Messaging

What’s the brand stand for? What’s the back story? How do I talk about the brand? How do I describe the brand to customers, to media, to buyers?

Market Analysis

What does the global and/or local wine world look like? What trends are emerging, and do they matter? What are my competitors doing? That’s where we come in.

DTC Revamp

Is there a DTC strategy in place? How are current and prospective customers being reached? Where are the gaps in offerings at the winery? How do you separate from the pack?

Visual Identity

What am I conveying with my logo, branding, labels, packaging, website, social media profiles, and collateral? Is it accurate? Is it successful?

Product Mix Evaluation

What wines make sense for our winery? Are there certain wines or a certain price point we aren't currently making, but should? Do we have something for everyone? Should we?

FOB restructuring

How do my prices affect the ultimate price to the customer? Is the FOB price mix providing the best opportunity to maximize profit with each wine sold through this channel?


Where in the world and how should I market? Who are my target audiences? What kind of artwork/creative do I need? What should I do with social media?

Media & Relationships

How do I get our wines in front of the right influencers? How do those people becoming our fans? What events & organizations should I engage with?

Distributor Relations & Acquisition

What's the best way to approach a prospective distributor? Once the ink is dry, how is that relationship best maintained, and what's expected in return?


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